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Our goal at HandsInMotion Massage Therapy in Concord, NC has always been to assist people in dealing with emotional stress, muscular pain, and physical injuries through effective massage treatments such as swedish, deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, hot stone massage, neuromuscular, medical cupping, kinesio taping, aromatherapy, and medical massage.  These effective massage treatments administered by our expert certified medical massage therapists  leave our clients feeling relaxed and renewed. 

We are proud to have helped so many people recover from emotional stress, sports injuries, accidents and more.  We are NC licensed and Certified and believe that massage therapy is an invaluable source for muscle recovery and injury prevention and a wonderful asset to maintaining a healthy well balanced life. Schedule an appointment with us today and feel the effects of massage therapy!

Our Specialty Massages & Rates:

We use a varitey of techniques to cater to each and every clients needs.  We may use aromatherapy with essential oils, hot towels, hot stones, kinesio and rock tape, prenatal, medical cupping, swedish, stretching, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, pre and post sports bodywork, neuromuscular, or medical massage with each session to help our clients with stress relief, physical and emotional healing, and pain relief.


60min combination massage $65

90min combination massage $90

90min Prenatal Massage $95

90min Lymphatic Drainage $95

This includes combinations of different techniques that we are trained and certified in.

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